Children’s Parties Age 3-7



_20150816_191027With Drama Parties you’re not just watching a show you’re taking part in one.  What happens in every story is up to you and your guests.  Each party is filled with Puppets, Face Paint, Secret Missions, Improvisation, Mime, Music and Dancing.  We take our lead from the Children and how each Drama Party adventure develops and how it ends depends on the party guests.  No two parties ever end up the same.


Check out some of our most popular Drama Parties for Children aged 3-7, below.




Pirate Puppet as used by drama for their pirate children's Party age 3-7 PackageX MARKS THE SPOT!! but ehh where exactly is the spot.

Poor Penelope Pirate can’t remember where her treasure is, in fact she can’t even remember who she is.

What happens when a Pirate loses her memory, gets sea sick and is afraid of Parrots. A mad-cap treasure hunt ensues with sword fighting, messages in bottles, Mermaids & Sharks. Be careful or you might just end up walking the Plank! Anchors Away Matey’s.  READ MORE….



Fairy puppet as used by drama as part of their drama children's party age 3-7 packageMaud the Fairy isn’t quite like any fairy you have ever seen, for a start she’s huge even bigger than you. Her spells just keep going wrong, with some disastrous & very funny results.

Can you help Maud with her magic and teach her how to be a real Fairy??? Before she turns everyone at the party into a frog.

Clap your hands if you believe in fairies.  READ MORE…




Two Children faces painted as Tigers as part of jungle adventure children's party age 3-7 package.

Follow the footprints through the Jungle, where will they lead? Build a tree house, sing songs around the camp fire & swing through the trees with Monkeys. With a touch of Magical Jungle Fever you might just find your self turning into all sorts of wild and dangerous animals, being rescued from Quicksand and canoeing over waterfalls.





A cartoon sign saying Wham! as party of Super Hero Party for Children 3-7 years old.We know you have a secret identity, because we have one too!

But will you be ready when the call comes???

Let us bring you through our specially designed training course. You’ll learn how to train, how to hone your powers, perfect your disguise and how to fight the bad guys.

Be ready when the president calls looking for your help in a daring and death defining mission with which only a very special Super- Hero can help.  READ MORE…



Large Alien puppet looks like it is walking in Dublin City Centre part of Outer Space Party Package for 3-7 year olds.

It’s a top secret mission to Mars. The President needs your help, all the astronauts are sick and you and your friends have been requested to replace them.

Stephen the friendly (although sometimes he forgets his manners) Alien needs to get home to stop the invasion of Earth.

Train as an astronaut, float in zero gravity, become fluent in Alien languages, maybe fight a few not so friendly Aliens, build a Space Ship, blast off and save the world.

The World needs you ….. Do you have what it takes????  READ MORE…




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The above party packages are suitable for 3-7 year olds and are tailored to the specific age of the Birthday Child and guests*.

They include Drama Games, role play and puppetry and end in a celebration disco with party lights and music.

We also provide Face Painting appropriate to the theme of the Party.**

If there’s a particular theme your Birthday Star would love get in contact with us and we’ll try our best to create a package just for you.



*(don’t worry we know there’s a big difference between a 3 year old and a 7 year old).
** worry not we will accommodate any Spider-men at a Fairy party and vice versa although all our parties are designed to include both Boys and Girls, we know sometimes you just can’t help it if you were born to be superhero or a princess.


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