First Birthday Star of 2016

What a way to kick off 2016…being invited back to help the Fabulous Izzie celebrate her 5th birthday.  Wow, I can’t get over how much her and her friends have grown up in the last year.

imageIzzie and her crew of friends helped  Queen Penelope find her lost treasure.  They were so clever in figuring out who had stolen it, none other than the nasty Pirate.  They came up with a clever plan to disguise themselves as pirates and steel back the treasure chest.  First we had to built a ship, create our disguises and learn to sword fight (just in case).  Don’t be fooled by the sequins and glitter these guys can wield a sword, they had me running for my Mammy.

After swimming the Ocean, fixing a Crocodiles tooth in exchange for information and an epic sword fight we managed to return the treasure to its rightful owner.

Queen Penelope was so grateful that she allowed everyone to pick an item from the treasure chest to keep and held a celebratory disco in their honour.

Thank you so much for having Drama to your birthday it was such a fun way to star the New Year.


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